Description of Consulting in the Field of Organizing and Doing Business

The ever-changing economic environment forces managers to continuously search for new approaches to doing business.

We offer counseling services in the field of management consulting, which help to:

  • improve the efficiency of doing business;
  • optimize risks;
  • develop a strategy to take a leading position in the market.

Consulting in the field of organizing and doing business consists of the following:

1. Counseling on general management issues:

  • analysis of the company's corporate strategy, investigation of competitive advantages and development of methods to achieve them;
  • development of proposals for the composition of organizational structures and decision-making and information-managing systems within the company;
  • improving management techniques and optimization of business processes;
  • protection of the company's interests during interaction with government agencies and business partners (including participation in arbitration proceedings with tax, customs and currency control authorities).

2. Support in the company's financial management:

  • analysis of its financial state;
  • financial recovery and restructuring;
  • sensitivity analysis of the project, determination of the level of break-even;
  • assessment of the company during a merger or acquisition of new businesses.

3. Counseling in the field of production management:

  • management of cost price structures;
  • development and audit of business plans.