Description of Legal Services

The Audit St. Petersburg Consulting Group provides an entire spectrum of legal services for businesses and individual entrepreneurs.

Legal services include the following:

1. Ongoing (monthly) subscription-based LEGAL service.

2. Maintenance of foreign trade activities: development of foreign economic contracts abiding by the currency and customs legislation of the Russian Federation and international law, and counseling on payment procedures for customs and implementation of foreign currency transactions.

3. Legal assistance in the implementation of bankruptcy procedures for companies and organizations.

4. Protection of property interests in arbitration courts and tribunals.

5. Participation in complaint management.

6. Counseling on matters related to the application of civil, tax, fiscal, customs, currency, labor and procedural legislation of the Russian Federation.

7. Drafting of various types of civil and international contracts, inquiries, agreements and other documents.

8. Preparation of documents for the creation, reorganization and liquidation of legal entities of various legal types and filing of documents for state registration in Office 15 of the Interdistrict Federal Tax Service of Russia in St. Petersburg.

9. Provision of services for registration of assets and transactions at the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreestr);

10. Provision of services for the registration of the issuing of securities with the Federal Financial Markets Service (FFMS), preparation of information about affiliates and quarterly reports on the issuer for FFMS.

11. Attorney services.