Subscription-Based Legal Service

Ongoing (monthly) subscription-based LEGAL service entails:

  • verbal consultation (either by phone or on-site at the company) of the client's employees in matters relating to the application of legislation of the Russian Federation and international agreements in terms of production activities;
  • participation in business negotiations;
  • harmonization of conditions for draft commercial contracts and other documents;
  • representation of interests in state agencies (except court) in resolving production issues;
  • participation in the operation of the client's management structures (general stockholder meetings, supervisory board, etc.);
  • participation in the resolution of internal labor disputes;
  • provision of information on changes in the current legislation of the Russian Federation and adoption of new regulations, as well as other information concerning existing regulations;
  • project development for commercial agreements (including foreign contracts) taking into account specific aspects of the company's activity, taxation, customs and currency regulations, as well as other state control of the business environment, with subsequent approval of the contract's terms with the partners and, if necessary, with state agencies (customs, currency exchange control, antimonopoly committee, etc.)
  • composition of written consultations on issues requiring through legal investigation;
  • participation in managing complaints arising in connection with the conclusion, performance, alteration or cancellation of commercial contracts, the use of sanctions on absent or improper execution of contractual obligations, as well as other matters, in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • participation in the preparation of queries on issues arising over the course of conducting industrial activity and requiring clarification by authorized agencies.