Description of Tax Consulting

Tax consulting includes the following:

1. Tax calculation and counseling on taxation.

2. Ongoing counsel on the application of tax legislation of the Russian Federation.

3. Protection of companies' interests in tax and other executive bodies.

4. Conducting consulting and training seminars on tax issues.

5. Execution of due diligence of budget calculations and diagnosis of the company's tax systems.

6. Optimization of tax payments, construction of accounting systems for taxation purposes.

7. Consulting on the tax implications of individual transactions.

8. Consultation services related to prospects of taxation of transactions carried out by legal entities.

9. Finding the best options for carrying out transactions with a minimal tax burden.

10. Adjustment of draft contracts (agreements, etc.) with regard to new changes and additions in the legislation of the Russian Federation.

11. Representation and protection of the client's interests in regulatory bodies.

12. Direct participation via power of attorney in negotiations with officials (directors, deputies, department heads) and other members of regulatory bodies on issues related to the implementation of financial and commercial activities.

13. Drafting objections to reports by office and field tax audits, reports of detecting evidence of tax offenses as stipulated by the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. Compilation of complaints against tax authorities and officials in accordance with the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.